Why Warm Water?

I spend the better part of the season fishing for warmwater gamefish and panfish in Maine, a state known primaily for its cold water fishing, and Cape Cod, a locale lauded for the salt water angling it offers. What on earth am I thinking? Now to be sure, I do chase trout and fish the salt, but the main emphasis of my efforts on the water revolve around bass and panfish.
I’d like to share 3 reasons I think warm water angling is so wonderful.

Hey Rivers and streams are wonderful, and I’m not implying that still, warm waters are any better than them, but boy, they sure are beautiful. The serenity and simple beauty of a bass pond is hard to beat.

Warm water angling offers a variety of species to fish for that is astonishing. With an 8.5′ 6 wt. fly rod I can adequately and enjoyably land largemouth and smallmouth bass, white and yellow perch, sunfish, pickerel and crappie and often from the same body of water! Not only does this offer great fun on the water, but the variety of flies that can be tied to meet such a abundance of fish is limitless.

Warm water fly fishing is nothing new and it has a tradition and history every bit as rich, fascinating and fun as our cold water heritage. The beautiful flies, classic tackle & watercraft and wonderful books relating to warm water fly fishing are a real delight. It’s an honor to keep the old traditions alive!

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