The Tree Stand

I was planning to go to Maine this weekend, but the lousy weather forecast inspired me to stay home, and I’m glad I did! One of my favorite haunts this time of year is a lovely little pond here on the outer Cape that has some terrific bass and panfishing. Lightly fished and scenic, you can wade the sandy shorelines and listen to the surf crash through the woods. It’s absolutely paradise. Each year I look forward to fishing this pond in the spring in a special way. I call it “The Tree Stand”. Those of you that are deer hunters will know what I mean. Sitting in a tree, one gets a unique opportunity to observe their surroundings unseen… and it’s no different on a pond! There are a couple trees that have tumbled into the water at this pond that make for a perfect perch. I climb up onto the horizontal trunk, cast my fly out into the shallows and just let it sit there, waiting for any passing bass that I may see with my polarized glasses, at which point I can either wait for it to come to the fly, or quietly pick it up and cast to the bass. Either way, it makes for a really relaxing and at the same time exciting fishing experience. Today I tied on the Pee Wee Perch and waited for my fish. I didn’t have to wait long, and in the course of an hour in the tree I took three nice spring bass.
As sportsman, we often dream of going to far off and exotic places to fish and hunt. As I made my way back to my truck this afternoon I gave thanks to God for The Tree Stand, and felt perfectly content, and indeed blessed, right here at home!

The Tree Stand

LMB on the Pee Wee Perch

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  3. Red Ibis says:

    Alec-My tree stand has to be fished from the water, no land access to it. There
    are branches usually dipping into the water, they’re two feet in the air now!