Royal Coachman

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the development of the Royal Coachman wet fly. Developed and first tied by New York fly tyer John Haily in 1878, its perseverance, popularity and certainly its familiarity are without peer. This season I intend to revisit this pattern with vigor by testing it’s effectiveness in cold water, warm water and salt water. Note the original barred wood duck tail; its replacement with the more commonly seen golden pheasant tippets was a result of the precarious drop in the numbers of woodies previous to the establishment of migratory bird hunting regulations. Thankfully, wood duck are now thriving. A beautiful bird, a beautiful fly and a great time to be a sportsman. Best wishes to all my angling brethren for a great season in 2018. Make sure you give a Royal Coachman a chance this year. It’s a wonderful part of our American angling heritage.

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