R.B. Streamer

R. B. Streamer

In his 1932 book “Just Fishing”, author Ray Bergman shares a pattern with readers that he developed specifically for bass, but subsequently became a go-to pattern for shallow lake trout in the spring.
The R. B. Streamer is tied with polar bear and yellow wing, silver tinsel body and red cheeks. The hook, a double, insures the fly will sink well. It was available commercially¬†exclusively through the Percy Tackle Co. Of Portland Maine. Developed in 1925, the pattern is included in Joe Bates 1966 “Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing” where a short red hackle fiber throat is added “as tied by the originator”. No mention is made in Bates book of the original double hook. Bates informs us that Bergman himself calls it “one of the early ones”. ¬†A great pattern I look forward to fishing in 2014.


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