Full House

No; it’s not a fly; it’s a “Fly & Spinner Combination” a traditional long rod offering that is saddled with one of the most unimaginative names in our canon. I much prefer the name that J. Edson Leonard gave them; “Full House”. That’s precisely what it is. When you tie a Full House to your leader, the smallies just lay their hand down. “I’m Out”

Yes there are some among our ranks that turn a blind eye and an pinched nose to the Full House. But alongside Leonard, we’ve got Henshall, McClane and Kreh on our team, so if you want to argue the point I would direct you to them and remind you; if there is one thing that the Full House hollers, it is “I will not be denied!” And dear friend I assure you, when a four pound smallmouth takes the trap on an eight and a half foot glass six weight in the relentless currents of a northern river,  you will NOT utter “That ain’t right…” When the friend in the bow seat that you haven’t fished with in too-many years is coming up short on your home-waters, you’ll be glad you can offer him one and say “try this…” And the smiles and laughter when he hooks up will make all that silly prejudice melt away like the snow…

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