“Classic Conversions”: The Black Ghost

There has been a pretty well established trend of converting old wet fly patterns to streamer patterns. The Royal Coachman wet fly was converted to a streamer pattern by some unknown intrepid fly tyer years ago, and it has been a faithful stand-by in streamer wallets ever since. The Colonel Fuller also began as a wet fly, and though fallen out of fashion these days, it too had it’s day as a streamer pattern; some feel it was the inspiration for one of the greatest bucktails ever tied, the Mickey Finn. The conversion of an effective short shank wet fly to a long shank streamer fly is still a fun realm for the fly tyer to explore. Not long ago I decided to reverse the process and convert some tried and true streamer patterns into wet flies. The first pattern I’ll share with you here is one of the most effective and well known streamer patterns, the Black Ghost. I’ve tied it as a spoon wing, and I think it looks terrific! With the warm temperatures we’ve been having lately, it wont be long before I can get this pattern out on the water and see if it lives up to it’s namesake. The translation from baitfish imitator to an attractor pattern is exciting and I look forward to sharing some more “Classic Conversions” with you in the weeks to come. Alec

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2 Responses to “Classic Conversions”: The Black Ghost

  1. Alec says:

    Thanks for your comment Red – Great idea! I will get a Chief Needahbeh conversion up this coming week… Alec

  2. Red Ibis says:


    I would like to see your interpretation/conversion of the “Chief Needahbeh”