Badger Bomb

A hair-wing for smallmouth. Back in the early 90′s when there was a viable atlantic salmon fishery in Maine I spent an afternoon on the Sheepscot River with a good friend chasing that king of game fish. We came up short in the salmon dept., but the smallmouth sure loved our salmon patterns. Hair-wings are a durable and effective smallmouth fly that are great fun to fish. Cast down and across and hold on! Here’s one of my own hair wing patterns tied especially for the bronzebacks.

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Summer Flies

A selection of smaller summer flies… (left to right)  sz. 6 Brown Cow, sz. 6 Bronze Coachman, Sz. 6 Bloody Fuller, sz. 4 B.P.T. Don’t forget your sinking line!

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An American bass fly from author Frank Forester (Henry W. Herbert) c. 1849. Another for the wallet in ’15!

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First Responder

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Colonel Clink

I just keep scratching that red & yellow itch…

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Golden Doctor

In error, I actually tied this fly with a silver body… My friend Bob Petti fixed the color in photoshop! Amazing! A wee bit of Madison Avenue here at Favorite Flies!

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Full House

No; it’s not a fly; it’s a “Fly & Spinner Combination” a traditional long rod offering that is saddled with one of the most unimaginative names in our canon. I much prefer the name that J. Edson Leonard gave them; “Full House”. That’s precisely what it is. When you tie a Full House to your leader, the smallies just lay their hand down. “I’m Out”

Yes there are some among our ranks that turn a blind eye and an pinched nose to the Full House. But alongside Leonard, we’ve got Henshall, McClane and Kreh on our team, so if you want to argue the point I would direct you to them and remind you; if there is one thing that the Full House hollers, it is “I will not be denied!” And dear friend I assure you, when a four pound smallmouth takes the trap on an eight and a half foot glass six weight in the relentless currents of a northern river,  you will NOT utter “That ain’t right…” When the friend in the bow seat that you haven’t fished with in too-many years is coming up short on your home-waters, you’ll be glad you can offer him one and say “try this…” And the smiles and laughter when he hooks up will make all that silly prejudice melt away like the snow…

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Colonel Fuller

“Red and Yellow Gets a Fellow…”

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Keene’s Bronze Coachman

Those who’ve shared a canoe with me know the delight I take in catching panfish, and especially the white and yellow perch. I have a firm devotion to the “Ol’ Black Pan”,  and the furs and feathers that litter the floor of my den are rivaled only by the bread crumbs underfoot in my kitchen. I hunt for the pot and fish for the pan, but I am fly fisherman to the core. If the culinary delights I take from the woods and waters are to be challenged for preeminence in my heart, it is my love of classic flies that will gain the throne.  If per chance I can combine the two, I reach the very heights of enjoyment and can ask for no more.

I know of two nineteenth century flies developed and tied especially for perch.  Both were born right here in New England. One in Massachusetts, and this pattern, Keene’s Bronze Coachman, in New Hampshire. John Harrington Keene, an Englishman by birth but New Englander by choice, is best known for his 1887 book “Fly-Fishing and Fly Making for Trout, Etc.”. It is a fairly scarce book that has  some interesting plates that have tipped in actual furs and feathers used in fly-tying; a wonderful book for the collector. But being the panfisherman that I am, it is his 1894 title “The Boys Own Guide To Fishing, Tackle-Making And Fish-Breeding” that really delights.  In his chapter entitled “Fly Fishing For Bass, Perch, Sunfish, Etc.” he shares with the reader a simply fly developed for the perch of his New Hampshire home waters.  I quote:

“It is a modification of the ever-useful “Coachman”, I call it the “Bronze Coachman” : - 

       Body, of the bronze tinsel cord one gets at the dry-goods store at five cents or so a ball. It is used by ladies for embroidering on velvet, etc. Legs, plenty of brown hackle; wings, white”

Keene recounts catching three perch at a time on a three fly cast, all of which are tied on a size 6 hook.

I have used bronze Bills Bodi-Braid for the body and a Mustad 3389H gold sproat hook, size 6, for my version of this wonderful New Hampshire perch fly.  I can’t wait to fish it, my “priest” at the ready!

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In the teeth of a storm..

Wood Special

Yellow Miller

Big Top

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See The Hook, Grasshopper!

Generally when we look at a fly we disregard the hook as an element of form, but acknowledge its contextual importance in the overall appearance of the fly. It’s really odd how we both don’t see, and do see the hook at the same time. Just about all of our fly tying involves covering up the hook and making it disappear, and yet relying on it to carry the fly and present it in a pleasing form to both man and beast.  Of course all of this is secondary to the hooks primary purpose as a trap, but that’s another issue altogether.

I want to tie some flies where the hook contributes not only contextually but also makes a primary visual contribution to the fly.  I want to see the hook.  I’ve found it really hard to break out of the conditioned manner I am accustomed to  in seeing/not seeing the hook.  It’s going to take a leap of faith to tie and fish such flies, but in the end I think this will be an experiment that might bear fruit in my fly tying and fishing enjoyment.

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American Parrot

A slight variation of Ken Sawada’s “Amazon Parrot” on a great little vintage herters TUE iron. I have a favorite brook trout spot in NH just in mind…

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A bass fly translation of an old trout and salmon classic streamer…

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A wonderful classic trout streamer from the Pine Tree state…

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